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We know small business. We’ve been working for people just like you since 2006. In fact Singletrack Bookkeeping Inc was recognized by the makers of QuickBooks as one of the top 19 firms in the world  in 2016, only the 2nd year of the program, and has been awarded the designation “Firm of the Future”.  A tremendous accomplishment by a small business; this should inspire you that great things are indeed possible.


Kim is simply amazing! She has helped me countless times with my bookkeeping needs. There’s no one better!

N. K. Steamboat Springs CO

Kim is progressive and extremely organized and efficient. Kim is up to date on any tax changes and assists her clients in the correct direction

P.F. Steamboat Springs CO
I just submitted Payroll for the first time. Seems almost too easy!
M.D. Gloucester VA

Thank you for the time spent researching my issue…you have provided a great summary and your rationale is solid. What I especially like is that you make a recommendation based on data gathered…with thoughtful counterpoints…many people don’t do that!

G.F. Boulder CO

Singletrack Bookkeeping changed my life! Before using their services I was feeling overwhelmed and disorganized! They are always so quick to respond to my questions and needs. Don’t know how I did it without you!

C.P. Steamboat Springs CO
Running your own biz is NO joke. Cheers to dedicated people like you and THANK YOU for recognizing our hard work. We could not do this without YOU!!!
M.R. Steamboat Springs CO
A.K. Steamboat Springs CO

Singletrack does my company’s bookkeeping remotely. Kim and her team excel at helping small businesses get better organized and more efficient at a very reasonable cost. If your small business needs help with bookkeeping and system organization, I highly recommend Singletrack

C.W. Denver CO
YOU ROCK!!! You keep us up to date and on top of things with our business; we run much better with your support!!! Thanks for always keeping us on track!
L.E. Steamboat Springs CO



We don’t bill by the hour and we don’t push paper. We use technology which makes us highly effective and able to give you
the best possible value with upfront fixed pricing starting at:

Sole Prop & LLC

  • Files on Form 1040
  • No Corporate Return
  • Single owner LLCs


  • Files on Form 1120
  • Corporation Required
  • 2553 Election


  • Files on Form 1065
  • Multi-member LLC’s
  • Must have 2+ Owners


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Hours Of Operation?2018-11-12T20:12:08+00:00

We do work at night and on the weekends, especially during tax season. However, our customer hours are Monday – Thursday from 9:30a-4pm. Fridays are big project days and are by appointment only.

Do I Need Bookkeeping?2018-11-12T20:15:52+00:00

Most folks in small business don’t want anything to do with the Bookkeeping. That is all good with us, we are here to help. However, it is important that you understand and appreciate the importance of why it must be done, and be done correctly.

First – Bookkeeping is the #1 tool used to prepare your business tax return. Accurate records of your income and expenses ensure that you only pay taxes on your true net income.

Second – Bookkeeping gives you a real picture of how much you are earning and what you spending your money on. This info can help you identify expenses that can be stopped and assist you with setting your goals.

Third – Having an accurate set of financials is imperative when attempting to get business loans or establish business credit.

Fourth – In the event of an IRS audit, bookkeeping is WELL worth the expense: the IRS requires accurate financial records to be maintained.

Best Reason – Freeing up time you would spend trying to do Accounting will allow you to focus on running your business..and making more sales


Do I Need Payroll?2018-11-12T20:20:31+00:00

If your business is an S Corporation, the IRS requires you to run a payroll. If you have someone working for your business you may be required to place them on payroll. The reason is that the IRS wants to get their withholding, social security and medicare taxes paid every month thru payroll taxes, rather than waiting until April 15. Payroll reports are required to be filed quarterly and annually. Payroll processing is time-consuming and often confusing. 80% of small businesses end up with at least one tax penalty every year. By outsourcing your payroll, you will never have to worry about whether tax filings are compliant and on time…or keeping up with ever changing rules associated with payroll.

How Does The Billing Work?2018-11-12T20:21:46+00:00

Once you have decided on your package, we will send a payment authorization along with your Engagement Letter. This allows us to run your credit card each month at the agreed upon rate. Once set up, it will automatically recur each month on the same day with no further action needed.

How Do I Receive My Monthly Financial Work & Tax Returns?2018-11-12T20:23:09+00:00

We know how important it is that you have access to all your financial information. We provide a secure customer portal – more simply, a shared folder – where we keep all of your Accounting records accessible anytime, from anywhere. Our Team also sends you financial statements direct to your email shortly after your bookkeeping is done, on the schedule of your choosing i.e. weekly, monthly or quarterly.

When your tax returns are approved and completed, our Team will place copies of everything in your shared customer folder. You can securely download from our portal to prevent your information from floating around in email. We’ll also provide instructions on how to make any necessary tax payments.

What Kind Of IRS Help Is Included?2018-11-12T20:24:14+00:00

Help with IRS notices and audits is not included in the core package but can be added on to your package if you would like. With our Audit Defender Add-On, if you receive any notices from the IRS in relation to work we have performed, we will respond or assist you with a response and resolution at no additional cost.

What Kind of Communication Is Included With the Packages?2018-11-12T20:25:16+00:00

Every package comes with limited support i.e. one monthly email with our Team. This means is that one time per month you can email your Accounting Team any questions or concerns you have regarding your financials or tax situation. This is more than enough for many of our Small Business owners. However, if you find you need more frequent advice, we offer an Unlimited Support Add-On that that provides for unlimited emails, phone calls and meetings with your Team.

In addition, our Financial Review Board meets internally 1 to 2 times every year to review all aspects of your business. We determine if we can make any recommendations to help you and your business. You will receive a summary of the meeting and our recommendations after each meeting.

Finally, we send our customers a monthly email filled with important deadlines and date reminders as well as timely information to help run your business.

Is The Software Included?2018-11-12T20:26:27+00:00

No, the cost for software is not included in our Core packages but can be added on if desired.

Do You E-file My Tax Returns?2018-11-12T20:27:32+00:00

Yes! In most cases we will e-file all of your tax returns. If for any reason we need to paper file, we will notify you and provide hard copies with instructions.

Do Your Accountants Travel To Client Offices To Complete Accounting Work?2018-11-12T20:29:02+00:00

No. In order to keep our costs as low as absolutely possible, we never perform work onsite. All work, meetings, every service is performed “in the Cloud” as they say. We’ve been at this for over 12 years and we have streamlined our processes to ensure information passes easily between us and our customers. You don’t need to know anything about technology beyond using your email. This is all designed to be simple for our extremely busy small business owners.

In fact many of our business customers are located all over the world, and we’ve never met in person. Face-to-face Zoom Online meetings and our communications system keep us in touch regularly. Through technology and our strong focus on customer service, we have created a system that works whether you are 30 miles or 3000 miles away from us.

Does A CPA Review Everything?2018-11-26T19:41:00+00:00

Yes, absolutely. As a matter of fact, an entire Team of CPAs, Financial Accountants, and Tax Accountants do the preparation of our Accounting work. As our customer, you will have a close relationship with our Team managers & members. Before any work is submitted to you, it is reviewed by one of our CPAs.

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